Friday, October 11, 2013


I have been an on again off again blogger for a few years....mostly just personal home and family posts, nothing flashy or fancy. I have been "homeschooling" a bit longer than I usually give myself credit for. I started off teaching "Tot" and "Pre-school" homeschool to my boys when they turned 2 years old. My oldest son is now almost 6 and in "First grade". This is my first official year of full-time, paid for curriculum, super scheduled school. We just finished our first unit block of 6 weeks today. I decided I really needed to keep record of all the learning and fun that was going on so I could remember and look back. I also wanted a place where I could share my ideas and finds that I am using or find helpful for YOU. Whoever you may be, probably my family member or best friend :) Another very important facet in our everyday life is our religion. We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints {Mormons}. There are definitely LDS undertones in everything that we do, as I try to connect a moral lesson to what we learn, but being Christian, they are also applicable to non-members. I will also be posting our Family Home Evening Lessons and activities in hopes they might help you if you are stuck and need a little inspiration of a topic. I hope I can add value and inspiration to they already amazing world of online homeschool blogs.
Meet My Kids! They all add so much to my day and life. I am truly blessed to be their mother and friend. I am also going a bit gray because they are rambuncious and fun and having 4 kids 5 and under is a little CRAZY :P Brigham is our 1st Grader. He would be a Kindergartener in the public school system, but he is a little smarty pants that finished k4 and kindergarten curriculum right around the time he turned 5. He is my ultra-over-achieving, super-memorizing maniac! He loves learning and reading, and talking, and writing, and music and art and...and...and. He will keep you on your toes and make you want to take a bathroom time out just to get a little peace and quiet :) Do you have one of those? He's always chatting and asking questions, and I love how his little brain is always going and working! He is also sensitive and very tender hearted. He is always making sure everyone is happy and just a sincere little sweetheart. Current obsessions: American statues and monuments, Composers and Presidents...oh, and Ninja Turtles :)
Oliver is our Preschooler. He just turned 4 and FINALLY FINALLLLLLY is interested in sitting down and really participating in "school" He is mostly interested in learning letters and using his cuisenaire rods for math and fun. He is my little comic relief and can be the best snuggle buddy EVER {when he wants to} its always a bit touch and go. He is my moody-dude. I chalk it up to him being a horrible sleeper and the inability to eat reeses peanut butter cups. {He has a dairy, egg and peanut allergy} poor, guy. We try to make due with lots of interesting "vegan" and "nut free" concoctions. Once in awhile I'll post the ones that turn out and aren't hard as a rock :) Oliver loves using the computer, so we have a few learning programs and games that he gets to use throughout the day, and that makes him a little less grouchy! He is my cutie-patootie. Here he is with his baby sister, Matilda. We call her Tilly. I must mention that Oliver is THE BEST BIG BROTHER. He is always playing and cuddling with Matilda, often when I need a little quiet focused time with Brigham during school. He keeps her from crying and getting lonely. Told you he was a sweetie! Matilda is 8 months old and a total doll. Literally, you just can't get any cuter. After 3 boys, I was so thrilled to have my little doll to dress up and smooch. We are all gaga over her and she KNOwS it. We're all wrapped around her itsy bitsy finger!
Then there's Henry. Hank the Tank. My "Tater-Tot". He just turned 2 and he is letting EVERYONE KNOW IT. He recently started some therapy for development and speech, and already has blossomed amazingly these past few months. His vocabulary has exploded and he's understanding things a lot better. My biggest challege the last 6 weeks is keeping Henry occupied and happy while I am teaching and working with the older boys. I have a few fun activities that have been his go-to play things while we are working on school, but I am currently working on a big collection of new busy-bag tot activities that I will be able to post soon. I know I need to amp up the activities for him if the rest of us are going to have a productive year. He is kind of a bull in a china shop, but also the sweetest little smoocher and hugger. He's either popping a fist in your gut or grabbing you for a hug, you're never really quite sure with him! He is as CUTE as a BUTTON. Look at that nose, ai yi yi! He melts my heart!!
Okay, another one of Tilly because I am UHHHHbsessed.
And here's one of me. Im rarely in front of the camera. Not photogenic. Yikes. But we are going to have to get a family photo this year, so at one point you'll get to meet my hub too. Oliver loves taking "sidekick selfies" with me. He is my little social media stud :) haha