Saturday, March 1, 2014

President Party!!!!

The weekend of President's Day also happened to be Brigham's 6th birthday! Since one of his interests is studying Presidents of the United States, he wanted me to plan President Birthday party! Yea! How fun! The first thing I did was look on Pinterest to see if there were any other little kids as cool as Briggy that wanted a President party {there were a few!} so I took a few ideas from other parties and added our own flair too. I shopped online at Oriental Trading and got some cool stuff. The tall cut outs of Lincoln and Washington, the President Door border {for our photo "booth" area} and President face masks all came from OT. The patriotic pinwheel decorations were also from OT. The rest of the table cloth decor was clearance Fourth of July decorations that I picked up from Walmart last year. I'm so disappointed with the quality of these photos! The sun was so bright coming in from the back of the table, that it created we weird darkness. I'm obviously new to this, so bear with me! Also, in poor blogging fashion, I totally forgot to take a few pictures that showed off the "Guess How many Pennies?" game. I had a small mason jar filled with 205 pennies {how many years ago he was born} that one of the cute kids won. For an activity the made Lincoln cabins. The idea came from Martha Stewart, so I'll include a link and photo from her site---but what I did the night before was just hot glue graham cracker houses together and set out pretzel rods, wheat thins, and caramel apple frosting {it was tan} and they all put together their own cabins. We talked about how Lincoln's family didn't have very much money and they all lived in a 1 room home. All the sweet little kids said how grateful they were for bigger homes, and the message of working hard, being honest and striving for what you want hit home. From a 1 room cabin with dirt floors to the White House!
Here is the Lincoln Cabin project: http://www.marthastewart.com/272922/presidents-day-log-cabin
The idea for some of the food signs came from: http://www.overthebigmoon.com/presidents-day-party-and-run-with-fun-presidential-foods Here are the images from our party, in case you want to print them and use them!
The idea for the favor came from: http://www.jacolynmurphy.com/2013/02/happy-presidents-weekend-honoring-abe.html Here was the printout that I made---I attached the skor bar and a sheet of president stickers {from Oriental Trading} for each guest.
It was a super fun birthday! I'm glad Brigham has had such an interest in history and learning about the Presidents. He memorized all of them in order last year, and still spouts them off--no problem! His memory skills are pretty impressive!

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