Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2nd Grade Science

I thought I'd write up a post about each of the subjects that I am planning for the next school year. I will have a 3 year old preschooler, K-5 {early} Kinder {if he was going into public school, I would probably have held him back since Oliver has a late July birthday, but we are going to ease into things and hopefully he will enjoy it!} and a 2nd grader. It was a bit of a "controversial" choice for me to choose our science program because it is from Apologia. They have come forth with some pretty nasty comments about the LDS church, so I wanted to avoid buying from that company. Brigham and even Oliver, decided they REALLY wanted to learn about space. After looking into elementary astronomy courses, nothing fit the bill like Apologia's Astronomy. Darnit. So I searched high and low for used copies nearby so I wouldn't be paying them directly. It was a no-go. I found EVERY other Apologia used text for sale except the astronomy! Oh well. There were a couple places at the convention I went to that sold Apologia. Rainbow Resource Center sells just about everything and they have great prices! So we ended up getting the textbook and the corresponding junior notebook.
I also ordered the lapbook printables that go along with this from www.knowledgeboxcentral.com. If you sign up for their newsletter, you will receive $5 off your first order {which is the cost of Part 1 of the lapbook for Apologia Astronomy} I am sure that will be more than enough, but I also have some weather and rock lapbook units to work on if we have any "extra time" ha!
One of the extras I wanted to purchase along with having an astronomy unit was a telescope. The Nancy B Moonscope has such great reviews and is SUPER affordable. I plan on buying one before the school year starts up again...but there is a chance to win one right now on Dragon Fly Sweet Nest's blog! Giveaway ends next week, so get your entries in!! *UPDATE 7/8* Here is another giveaway for the Nancy B microscope! Another awesome tool for your homeschool!
Next up...History!

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