Monday, June 30, 2014

2nd grade History and Geography

Our textbooks for History and Geography will be from Story of the World, Volume 1. Both boys are pretty excited about studying ancient civilizations. Oliver {K} will be able to sit in on the readings and participate in the craft projects that go along with each chapter. I had debated between Mystery of History and SOTW, but after talking with many other homeschooling moms, we decided on SOTW {price was a big factor} In addition to the activity book from SOTW we will be using the Evan Moor History Pockets because my boys love hands-on projects and crafts. For an interactive time line, we are going with the "binder method". I plan on ordering from this LDS homeschool mother. She has drawn up some pretty great timeline figures. I was going to go with Sonlight's book of time, but this route is a little cheaper--and I'd rather give my money to her! If you check out my 2nd Grade History/Geo pinterest board, you'll find many resources that go along like lapbooks, videos, chapter books, etc. I plan on including these studies 3 days a week in our school schedule.
This is the subject I am looking forward to the most this upcoming school year! Lots to plan and print!!!

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